Three: The Youngest Becomes The First

ThreeThree, considered as the youngest network in the United Kingdom is shaking the market the most in terms of its potential in revenue and market share.

Technically it is the youngest network having been founded in 2003 only. Compared with EE, which is composed of two other networks previously the second and the third oldest network, which are T-Mobile and Orange; Three is definitely the last in the brood.

It is also known to offer 3G and 4G services only. Many say it goes to show that its age in the industry is a match to the limited offers it can provide. Other network providers have a vast amount of capacity across different levels of connectivity. It is said that even its 4G network was only made possible through EE’s involvement. 


Big Group

Having said that it’s the smallest in the market, Three, however is part of the Hutchison Whampoa group which will leverage it to become a market changer. It is this backing that Three UK will be able to see a bright future ahead of it.

The network of Three US is focused on data prioritising 3G standard being data-capable. It has built a voice-focused GSM standard 2G capabilities. Compared with other networks where their 2G is a back-up, Three only has 3G and 4G. Only a partnership agreement with EE makes it possible for their customers to downgrade to 2G coverage when it’s an option.



Only 4G

Given that Three can offer 4G, having a small network capacity for this creates frequent congestion for users of the connection. The Telco was the last to hop into the 4G LITE offers in the UK. Not helping in the congestion is the 4G data with no extra cost, giving Three’s subscribers an advantage. You can inquire using the Three contact number 0844 381 5179 for more details on existing plans and packages.

What the other network players in the UK have done is introduce 4G as a premium service while dropping the 3G offers almost entirely. The LITE with cost and limit made many think about what Three has to offer.


ZTE-MF730M-Dongle-02No Limit

What Three offered early on in a campaign is to give LITE connections to all its customers with no restrictions nor additional pay. The All-You-Can-Eat data plan made millions of users switch to Three. The unlimited 4G data was too tempting to resist. Even tethering was part of the no cap deal until it was drawn back in the form of tethering allowance later on. The current customers on top of the new ones have put Three where it stands today, among the older ones in the mobile Internet market.

Its 4G network operates mainly using the 800MHz power. Riding on EE’s 1800MHz spectrum, Three’s coverage has vastly improved. Now Three will be able to widen up its network strength for its many subscribers who are always wanting and expecting best coverage possible. These subscribers definitely deserve nothing but the best – always.


Three: From Third To First In UK Mobile Service

imageDealBuilder-185x192,46To call about customer service concerns regarding your mobile contract with 3G, 4G or mobile broadband use Three phone number 0844 381 5179. Right away, you will be able to have a person deal with you.

Three – others call it by the numerical 3 or Three UK was launched in 2003. It is part of the UK division of Hutchison Whampoa. Hutchison is an investment holding company based in Hong Kong.

They were the first to announce that as a network they were able to cover 80% of the United Kingdom. They were also the first commercial video networks on mobile in the country.


Superior Service

They regarded themselves as a network offering cheaper services with no decrease on the service they provide in the network coverage. They opened around 300 retail shops across the country from 2005 to 2010. It included a store in Oxford Street retailing mobile phones and accessories. The other outlets to open were in Kensington High Street in London and the Mailbox outlet in Birmingham.

Voted Best Network for Mobile Broadband in 2010, Three has invested mainly into 3G technology allowing them to surpass their closest competitors. Three is part of the top ones in the UK mobile network market, next to Vodafone and EE.

The main customer service contact centre base of Three is in India. Their website has a very helpful resource area for most of the questions from their customers. This is what you need to get to their website – or



Menu System

Once you dial the customer service number, you will be given options through the automated menu system. Choose from the available options most relevant to your situation in order for you to be connected to the right department.

You also have the option to contact Three using Twitter. The mobile network provider is very engaging in social media. They have a good presence with a good record of re-tweeting and replying the questions sent to them.

If you want to use postal service, here is their office address:


Three-Three-inTouch-600x350Three UK

Star House

20 Grenfell Street


SL6 1EH.


3G To 4G

Three has become famous because of their superior 3G mobile services. Now they are getting good reviews for their 4G services too. The 4G Super-Voice allows customers to communicate despite physical boundaries like buildings and tunnels. This makes for better quality calls with less signal drops, a very good news for highly busy business people and travellers.

The 4G coverage is now at 65% of the UK areas. There is also a coverage checker found on he website to confirm the availability of the service in your area. London, Liverpool, Manchester, Brighton, Oxford are some of the areas currently serviced by Three’s 4G coverage.


Business Support

Three is also supporting companies with its special packages. Business customers can avail of no limit data use for smartphones starting at £17 per month. For 15GB of mobile broadband use, it starts at £14. A support team is dedicated for the business customers to attend to their needs and service requests. Faulty service is replaced within BusinessMBB1_024 hours after you give them a call.

If you have multiple accounts, Three can merge all your bills in a single payment to make management easier and more convenient.

Three merged with O2 to provide better products and services. The network is set to become the largest in the United Kingdom. With O2’s technology and infrastructure folding in with Three’s current set up, the British people are in for a remarkable advancement from their current mobile services.